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Adventure game + personalized chronicle

The story unfolds page after page.

Choose your path together, make the right decisions in unison, fight the monsters, roll the dice and reach the end of the adventure... 



DreamQuest is a cooperative adventure game in which you play as 2 Heroes: 1 Dreamer and 1 Protector.

A real moment of intergenerational sharing!

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In co-edition with

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Box contents

Your opinions

« Well done awesome games! A great time with my 4 year old daughter »

Nicolas G.

« Cheer ! Received this perfect day for the holidays! Great quality! Can't wait to try it with my child! Thank you for making them dream »


« …Very nice illustrations, a simple and effective game system with treasures and powers, well-made "you are the hero" adventure books… We are waiting impatiently for the sequel! »

Thales D.

Site bandeau accueil DQ.png
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